Nordic Ware 2 Piece Non-stick Formed Bundt Pan Set, 6 Cup & 12 Cup Capacity, Colors...

Nordic Ware 2 Piece Non-stick Formed Bundt Pan Set, 6 Cup & 12 Cup Capacity, Colors...
by Nordic Ware
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on 6-26-2014

  • Have fun with 2 different sizes
  • Heavy aluminum circulates heat gently and evenly
  • Nonstick coating for easy food release and cleanup
  • Hand wash with mild detergent
  • Made in the USA

    Product description
    America's favorite - the original bundt pan. For festive cakes, breads, salads, desserts and more. Perfect for easy delicious bundt cake mixes ( 12 cup uses full mix 6 cup uses 1/2 mix) heavy aluminum with non-stick interior. Recipes included.

    What owners are saying
    Please be informed that Nordic Ware makes two grades of bundt pans. The one here is the lighter weight aluminum -a "formed" aluminum pan. The also make the "pro line" which is a very HEAVY - CAST aluminum. I own and have used both. The difference is in the weight -as with all cake baking, cooking times vary and your own oven is the most variable thing. Test your cakes! Use the tooth-pick or wood skewer test -no wet batter should be on the pick. Touch the top with a finger -a depression should not remain, the cake should "spring back". And look at the cake sides - it should have pulled slightly away from the pan. Follow ALL instructions for non-stick spray or greasing & flouring the pan. I always do that, even in non-stick pans. I like "Baker's Joy" spray -or Crisco and flour. Also, follow the directions to let the cake rest after removal from the oven - I usually do 15 minutes, but a cake will vary -a moister recipe takes a longer rest. I love the bundt cake shapes -and I was a top-ten winner in one of the Nordic Ware bundt baking contests!

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